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We are all presented with hundreds of ads each day. So it's critical that your ad, regardless of the medium, gets attention, recall and response. Effective advertising involves copywriting, design, visuals, sound and other elements that create a compelling image and message. Advertising needs a plan - effective persuasion is more than just luck.

To tell your story requires, first, doing the homework about your business, your industry and the target market. I always start with these questions: To whom are you speaking and presenting? What benefits do you offer? What sets you apart?Then I craft a relevant and strong message in the appropriate language style.

Design integrates visuals, images, text, materials, and other factors, in an appropriate style for maximum effect. Good design needs to be informed by economics and production logistics, making your marketing tools more cost/effective.

My design capabilities are in four areas:
graphic design (• brochures • logos • websites • catalogs • signs • and more)
packaging design
exhibit & display design
product design.

Illustration generally means any original artwork, often used within a design or advertisement. I produce all kinds of art from realistic to abstract, straightforward to stylized, whimsical to technical. In addition, I can create typefaces, letterforms and calligraphy for logos and other applications.

Though it's listed fifth here, it's actually the basis and starting point for any promotional or sales effort. Even the development of your own product or service was, and still is, guided by marketing in some form. There's not enough space here to cover all aspects of marketing, but basically it's critical to look and plan before you leap. This both reduces risk and increases return. My marketing approach is based on research, analysis and strategy. Then tactics and tools are developed and employed to execute the marketing and communications plan for maximum results.

Research is doing the homework. It is observation, study, analysis and intuition. It obtains the data and information which is processed into the knowledge and wisdom that produces powerful products, services and marketing actions. Research provides insight and vision. It is key to achieving business growth and healthy return on investment. Every marketing, design and communications project I undertake starts with research.